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respiratory systemAll 14 patients underwent routine pulmonary function testing and measurements of total respiratory system compliance. Lung compliance was then measured in four of the muscular dystrophic and in five of the quadriplegic subjects who agreed to placement of an esophageal balloon. After the above measurements, each subject received 20 minutes of IPPB using a Bennett PR-2 device delivering 20 to 30 cm HaO pressure. Tidal volumes during IPPB were at least triple the resting tidal volume (Table 3). Total respiratory system compliance was measured immediately, 30 and 90 minutes after IPPB in all subjects. Only four subjects (all quadriplegic) agreed to keep the esophageal balloon in place after IPPB; therefore, lung compliance measurements were limited to these volunteers after IPPB.

Six normal subjects recruited from laboratory personnel also had measurements of CRS and CL before and after IPPB.

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